I’m writing this down for my own benefit, ignore all of it.

1. Get a new job (check)
2. Become toned
3. Exercise on the regular
4. Lift the Jeep with new tires and rims
5. Take the doors off at least once.
6. Girlfriend
7. Visit my mom
8. Go to 2 day festival in Knoxville
9. get everyone in my family a Christmas gift
10. Comic books
11. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
12. Learn and understand discipline
13. Focus on school
14. Learn self love
15. Live with the demons, not go on a crusade to kill them
16. Visit my buddy in So. Cal.
17. Learn to surf
18. Skate a little
19. Get a raise
20. Smile more
21. Talk to strangers more
22. Walk out in the woods at least once
24. Make a short list next time.
25. be light hearted more often
26. Comp Sci degree with a good job

Idk. I’m lame sometimes.


I’m constantly torn between listening to what the doctors say and trying to sleep and eat at regular hours and get my assignments done at a reasonable time and Think Positively, and just continuing to sleep and eat when I feel like it / extremely irregularly and doing everything at the last minute and just kind of indulging my own morbidness because fuck it, I’m Crazy anyway